RORO Freight

Roll on Roll off Freight (RORO)

Sigma are specialists in used construction machinery. The core business of Sigma is mobile equipment which can be shipped as RORO cargo. We are able to address any mechanical issues on equipment, often attending loading to ensure roromachines are boarded on time. We can also instruct stevedores how to operate large or complex machinery.

Reducing costs is a customer’s main focus when it comes to ocean freight, which is why we utilise all forms of ocean transportation. Larger machines will often go roll on roll off (RORO). This is where the machine is driven on and off the boat without the use of containers.

Our RORO services are most heavily used between Europe, USA, Africa and on the Middle East and Far East trade routes. For more information and our vessel destinations and shipping durations, please request information on our RORO shipment schedules.


Why Choose Sigma Plantfinder?

Our heritage in mobile heavy equipment gives us market leading expertise in cost engineering your shipments. We ensure that every operation is handled in the most economical way. In line with our customer focused approach, we often arrange servicing of equipmentroro before shipment. This means you can take the machine straight from ship to site. This will increase payback and eliminate any downtime.

International RORO shipments of heavy equipment, mobile plant and trucks enable economical shipping of larger units which do not fit into containers. With long relationships with RORO vessel owners, we can charter space in suitable ships for your cargo, to ensure fast and reliable delivery times.

We will collate and compare many quotes direct from the shipping lines to find the most effective way of transporting. Contacting Stevedore companies, road haulage and customs offices. We can therefore provide you with the best price available at each step of the shipping process.

If you have purchased a machine and it requires repair work or cleaning before transport to your final destination, these are services that we can provide in order to leave you with no down time when the unit arrives on site.


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