Crane Maintenance Checklist

18 December 2014
Cranes can last for years if they are taken care of properly - Maintenance of your machine is key.

So how do you make sure you do it?

Cranes are usually located on sites that mean they are in close proximity to workers. Accidents with cranes can prove fatal for site workers and public if not transported, set-up and used properly. Accidents also have a huge financial impact as repairs are costly. There are laws to ensure that cranes are inspected and that maintenance is carried out in order to ensure they do not present any risks. However more frequent checks can reduce the risk of repair costs significantly.

Once a crane is on site, it is the responsibility of the crane owner to perform maintenance checks with the crane user. The user should be regularly carrying out the checks. Your cranes should have recorded maintenance schedules that cover every aspect of the cranes use. Always take into account the manufacturers guidelines. For more guides on crane weight lifting capacity charts you can click here.

Spare parts are available for cranes that can significantly lengthen its life span. Replacing parts before they cause further damage to additional areas of your crane will avoid higher repair costs. Spare parts can include; Hoist ropes, hook blocks, slew rigs, hoist units and wear pads.

To download a full maintenance checklist for mobile cranes please click on the image below.

crane maint cover

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