Eps Eft User Authorization Agreement

Once you`ve registered your billing service, you can create users in your EPS account and then assign your EPS account to your practice. In this way, they can access the payment information necessary for booking and closing claims. Five goods. Unless this Agreement provides for, we hold or license all rights, titles and interests of EPS services, as well as any information that flows from or arising from them. You acknowledge that under this agreement, you do not acquire property rights to EPS services. Guarantees. WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES PROVIDED WITH RESPECT TO HEREUNDER SERVICES, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY GUARANTEE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Compensation. You agree to keep us free of any losses, debts, costs, damages and expenses, including reasonable legal and legal costs resulting from (a) of your violation of this Agreement; (b) their unauthorized or illegal use of EPS services; (c) unauthorized or unlawful use of EPS services by another person using your or their usernames, including a person you have designated; (d) any inaccurate or incomplete data that you provide to us or that you do not provide to us; (e) their inability to update information in a timely manner; or (f) the negligence or intentional misconduct of you, your directors, executives, employees, agents, agents and associated companies. You carry the loss of risk of records, data and materials during your transportation from us or our agents or subcontractors.

Limitation of liability. Under no circumstances does our financial responsibility for an act or non-action by us under this agreement exceed the fees or fees you paid us (except for the portion of the fees that pass through the fees) for the transaction or activity that is or has been the subject of the alleged non-benefit. Under no circumstances will we, our parent companies, associated companies, subsidiaries, directors, senior executives, employees, representatives or representatives, be liable for special incidental or consecutive damage or claims from you or third parties in connection with the EPS services provided below. We do not guarantee any guarantees for payment or timing of payments. Payment is the payer`s responsibility. We are not liable if circumstances beyond our control prevent payment despite the appropriate precautions we have taken. These circumstances include delays or defaults due to telecommunications failures, third-party actions and equipment failures.