European Union boosts road construction in Ethiopia

21 October 2015


The European Union (EU) has pledged 540 million Euros to boost road construction in Ethiopia especially in rural areas for the next five years.

Mr Antonio Capone who is the infrastructure leader of EU delegation announced that the money will be used to continue what he referred to as “a remarkable expansion of road network in Ethiopia.” The country had 26,000km of roads in 1997 but as of last year it had 100,000km.

He observed that as a result, the road density per 1000 square kilometers has increased from 24 kilometers in 1997 to 90.5 kilometers in 2004.

“The condition of road network has improved substantially. The proportion of road network in good condition increased from 22 percent in 1997 to 70 percent in 2014,” he said.

Mr Capone also noted that since 1997 the EU has invested €400m in road improvements in Ethiopia currently experiencing high economic growth.

Capone added that the percentage of population living within 2 kilometres from an all-weather road has increased each year by 2 percent and today more than 65 percent of local districts have access to the national road network including during the rainy season.

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