Guidelines for Wheel Loaders

11 December 2014

A wheel loaders are tractors with a front mounted bucket to transport dirt, sand or gravel from the ground to a tipper truck or open excavation.

Bucket attachments can be changed making them extremely versatile and cost effective machies. Attachments depend on the project and include:

- Heavy Duty Bucket

- Rock Bucket

- Light Material Bucket

- Pallet Forks

Wheel loaders are commonly used in construction for material handling, digging, load & carry, road building and site operation. They have the ability to move in confined spaces due to their small turning circle. A diesel engine is mounted over the rear wheels with the cab over the front wheels. Loaders are commonly four wheel drive and come in a variety of sizes based on horsepower:

  • 80hp and below
  • 80-150hp
  • 150-200hp
  • 200-250hp

Their design allows them to have strong traction through the tyres (tracked wheel loaders are available for softer terrain). Counterweights are used to increase tipping loads. Manufacturer’s guidelines should always be used to ensure safe operation.

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