Gwdg Microsoft Campus Agreement

The Georg August University has a campus contract for Microsoft products. Students of the University can purchase Office 365 Professional Plus for a price of 4.99 Euro per year (incl. Tax) via All members of the University of Gottingen as well as the Max Planck Institutes for Dynamics and Self-Organization and Research on Solar Systems are available free of charge under the new 9.5 version of PV-WAVE as part of the campus license. After buying at studyhouse, you will receive the login data via email. This data can be entered on where you at first change your password for the Microsoft Office download portal. From there the office package for Windows or OSX can be downloaded and installed on up to five devices. If you want to extend the license you will need a feature code. If you want to perform a new installation of the software will need several license keys, that is to say CD key, installation key and serial number, which can be requested at Please type “BACHELOR Licenses” as the subject of the message. After that the license keys are being felt immediately via email. Since Winter 2010 the reading halls in the ZHG building and some seminar rooms at the central and north campus are equipped with interactive displays from the company SMART Technologies. During the winter semester of 2010, the University of Gottingen launched a programme to renew the technique of presentation in classrooms.

In this context, all classrooms in the central auditorium building and additional seminar rooms on the central and northern campus have been equipped with interactive screens with pen control. These interactive screens and boards from smart technologies allow the teachers of Gottinger to make courses and seminars more varied. The cards support both the annotations in PowerPoint and the use of the so-called laptop software to design attendance appointments. Help to set up the VPN client and a guide to connecting to a network drive are deposited here. The “Dossier” field must be entered 12. When registering, the usernam must be preceded by the domain: “ug-student-vorname.nachname.” Unfortunately, SPSS can not be obtained for free through a campus license. However, Studyhouse is offering a SPSS StudyPack: All members of Gottingen University as well as the Max-Planck-Institutes for Dynamics and Self-Organization and Solar System Research are able to download the new version 9.5 of PV-WAVE for free within the framework of the campus license here. The renewal of the license is a feature code, the reinstallation of the software requires several license keys, namely the cd key, the installation code and the serial number, which can be requested via