Hass Petroleum Group mulls Africa’s tallest building in Kenya

10 March 2017

Hass Petroleum Group which is a regional oil marketing company in Kenya is set to construct a US$ 195m iconic building in Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya.Upon completion would Africa’s tallest building.

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The mixed-use development dubbed Hass Towers will be Africa’s tallest building to be constructed by a Chinese company- China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC).

Hass Towers will be a 67-storey building which will include the 45-storey 5 star Hilton hotel with outstanding offices and a luxury retail and entertainment complex.

The mega building will be 300 metres high, taller than the current tallest building- Carlton Centre in South Africa which has 50 floors and is 223 metres tall.

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Hass Petroleum Group Chairman, Mr. Abdinassir Ali Hassan confirmed the reports and said that construction of the development will probably commence in April this year after officially being launched in Kenya and open its doors in 2020.

He explained that awarding of the tender to CSCEC expressed a stronger growing economic partnership between the Chinese Government and the Kenyan Government which will enhance their economic ties.

“It has not been an easy journey; CSCEC went through a rigorous tender system which they won over ten international companies including European, Turkish as well as other Chinese competitors.

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Hass Group awarding the contract to CSCEC demonstrates a stronger growing economic partnership between the Chinese Government and the Kenyan Government, and is a testament to Kenya’s economic and political stability. This project will give CSCEC a majestic entry point into Africa,” he said.

Hass Petroleum Group is a regional oil marketing company with significant presence in East Africa and the Great Lakes Region. It has invested heavily in storage facilities and retail station networks with a strong supply chain infrastructure. Its Head Quarters is in Kenya.

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