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Fill out property forms with ease: use zipForm, an electronic form program created by zipLogix. All real estate forms, DRA forms and forms selected for the State Bar are available on zipForm. With zipForm Mobile Web Edition, you can connect to the important information in your zipForm online account, and managing online transactions has never been easier. Get information about the real estate, seller and buyer and list and provide data with list price and down payment. You can quickly list forms in a transaction, add a new form to a reservation, and fill out all the information for a transaction with the editing feature. This means you can now manage your transactions efficiently on the go, directly from your iPad and iPhone apple, BlackBerry and compatible Android devices. Learn more UNYREIS offers GRAR subscribers or MLS subscribers access to Lone Wolf Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition), the Instanet Forms app – DocBox – AuthentiSign. This service offers free online forms and unlimited internet faxes. The only tax would be for brokers who want to add some of their own business forms – then there is a one-time fee for these. Seller Disclosure Statement (No.

47-10-02.1) – A disclosure statement must be made available to the buyer prior to the contractual agreement. In most cases, when a seller puts the property up for sale, this disclosure should be made before the date of an offer and distributed to potential buyers. Instanet Forms is a service that can be used to complete and register online contracts. Fill out the basic contract information that once goes over multiple forms and, if necessary, fill them out automatically on all (for example. B buyer`s name, list agent`s name, etc.). You can save them all online in your account, email them or fax them directly from the Service and also sign or edit documents from your clients or lawyers in your account by sending a fax return cover sheet that is causing the transaction. NorthstarMLS is not a licensed distributor for Minnesota State Association forms and cannot publish copies here. They are only available in Instanet Forms (accessible by NorthstarMLS Matrix). If Instanet is below for maintenance or other problems, Minnesota state forms are not available until the Instanet system is back.