Joint Venture Agreement For Transportation

A joint enterprise agreement should contain the names of the signatories, the terms and purpose of the agreement, as well as any additional information on the project implemented. A joint venture agreement could also include clauses regarding the disclosure of sensitive information, termination and the duration of the business. Philippe Lortal, Chief Executive Officer of BollorĂ© Logistics Middle East – South Asia, commented: “It is a great honour for us to work with Bahri, a well-known transport and logistics player in Saudi Arabia. This cooperation will intensify the development of BollorĂ© Logistics in the Middle East, which is definitely a key region for our organisation, in particular because of its strategic position at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. The joint venture with Bahri also allows us to strengthen our market segments, particularly for aerospace and defence, oil and gas, luxury goods and healthcare. There are different types of joint venture agreements that you can enter into. They would depend mainly on the objective of the joint venture and the objectives it must achieve. In any event, a joint venture should be agreed by two separate parties who wish to achieve the same objective for their own benefit. Here are the different types of joint ventures: As you can see, there are different types of joint ventures that you can do and they depend on your main goal or goal for the formation of a dependent company. As you can see, a joint venture can be beneficial to your business as long as you know all about it and how you can close your own agreement and get the other party to sign. Before we start designing a model, let`s take a look at the important elements that your agreement should contain. ROSLYN, N.Y., Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.

(NASDAQ: SINO) (“Sino-Global,” the “company” or “we”), a company operating in years of shipping, chartering, logistics and related services, announced today that it has entered into a joint enterprise agreement with Jetta Global Logistics Inc. In accordance with the agreement, short-haul transportation services will be provided for all shipment requests received through the company`s new full-service logistics platform. Sino-Global`s proprietary logistics management application was launched in December 2016 to connect shipping customers to short-haul and long-haul truck services in the United States. The company designed the website portal to increase productivity and comfort for customers and partners, while providing Sino-Global with a constant cost income from providing the connection. The app can be accessed via the company`s website at The joint venture has the right to use this application exclusively for services in the New York and New Jersey area.