Short Form Investment Agreement

You should carefully read each of the warranties set out in this clause and if you believe that you cannot provide a warranty, it should be removed from the agreement. For example, if your company has subsidiaries, the 5.3 (c) guarantee must be amended, so that it provides, for example: “INSERT NUMBER has registered subsidiaries [INSERT SUBSIDIARY NAME] in [England and Wales] with the company number [INSERT COMPANY NUMBER] and whose registered office is located under [INSERT REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS]” – this should be repeated for each subsidiary, If there is more than one. This clause obliges the parties to undertake other unspecified actions necessary for the implementation of the agreement. Even if the precise measures required by the clause are unclear, it may add another reason for requesting the necessary measures and may therefore be useful in practice to encourage the other party to cooperate in the implementation of the agreement. – persons who the firm reasonably believes to have professional experience in investment matters and investment professionals; Clause 7.3 defines the circumstances in which a party may make a public announcement regarding the agreement, for example. B if such an announcement is prescribed by law. Termination clauses can play an important role, as they can determine when and if other rights in the agreement will be triggered. Clause 14.4 (waiver of the person clause) – This clause concerns “persons” instead of “parties” to deal with situations in which third parties have rights under the agreement. The term “warranties” in clause 2.3 means that each party warrants a warranty (i.e. a contractual promise) that the circumstances referred to in subsections (a), (b) and (c) are accurate and accurate at the time of the agreement.

In case of opposition with the articles of association (i.e. clause 12.2), the subscription contract is usually expressed as the dominant contract between the parties. This ensures that the application for interim measures is generally available to ensure that each shareholder takes the necessary voting steps when voting as a shareholder of the company to implement its terms. This application form contains the details of the subscription by the investor. The form is self-explained and must be completed by the investor before the subscription contract is signed by all parties. The founders of the company should also be involved as parties to the subscription agreement, and this part of the proposal can be adapted according to the number of founders – that is, if there is more than one founder, then at 3) you can list as many as you want to reflect it. If there is only one founder, the definition of “founder” should be changed to “founder” and the rest of the proposal should be changed accordingly. Clause 9.2 states that the agreement is issued and addressed exclusively to the following categories of individuals: the clause prevents the parties to this agreement from communicating to third parties (with the exception of a party`s professional advisers) the information referred to in clauses 7.1 (a) – c). The table in the table in this Annex clearly indicates the shareholders of the company before and after the closing of the investment (indicating the number of shares held by each). This guide aims to indicate how to correctly complete the subscription/investment contract template and explain all the essential provisions for you to conclude a valid and legally binding subscription contract (sometimes called an “investment contract”). .