Subject Verb Agreement Ppt Game

The woman with dark sunglasses (are, are) our mayor. The flakes in this seed (taste, taste) like sawdust. The houses along Main Street (a, have) well maintained farms. The rose bush (seems, looks) beautiful next to the fence. Students with good employment prospects in the nursing sector have good employment prospects. A tired student in my class (sleeping, sleeping) through most classes. A dealer in rare books (was asked to look at the collection of novels to ensure authenticity. This silk flower by candlelight (look, it looks) real. Verb agreement on the subject… You don`t always agree! One of my son`s worst habits (is are) leaves a selection of dirty plates on the kitchen counter.

Subject-Verb Agreement Reference to something accounting The rust stains in the back of Emily`s car (need, must) must be cleaned with special polishing. The student, as well as his teacher, (was/were) on the excursion. Subject-verbal agreement: The weak thumb of grammar Many people in Europe (speak, speak) several languages. The boys` bag (belongs, belongs) to my little brother. The judge`s decisions (seems, seems) questionable. The tomatoes in this salad (is, are) brown and muddy. The blue areas on the map (indicates) the water. Collecting medicine bottles in my parents` bathroom (overflowing, overflowing) from the cupboard shelves.