The Four Agreements Genre

Dreaming is the main function of the mind, and the mind dreams twenty-four hours a day. He dreams when the brain is awake, and he also dreams when the brain sleeps. The difference is that when the Brain is awake, there is a material framework that leads us to perceive things in a linear way. When you go to sleep, you don`t have the frame, and the dream tends to change constantly. The belief system is like a book of law that excites our minds. What is written in this book of the law is our truth. We all base our judgments on the book of the law, even if those judgments are contrary to our own inner nature. Even moral laws like the Ten Commandments are programmed into the process of mastery in our minds. One after the other, all these agreements enter the book of the law, and these agreements dominate our dream. The fourth agreement allows readers to better understand the progress made in achieving their life goals. This agreement implies the integration of the first three agreements into daily life and the full potential of exploitation. [8] It`s about doing what`s best to manage individually, which is different from the different situations and circumstances the individual may face.

Ruiz believes that if you avoid self-judgment and do his best at every given moment, he will be able to avoid regrets. [10] By integrating the first three chords and giving the best of themselves in all facets of life, the individual will be able to lead a life free of sadness and self-extinction. [10] Don Miguel Ruiz identifies four self-limiting convictions that hinder the experience of freedom, true happiness and love. Each of us is born with a certain amount of personal power that we rebuild every day after rest. Unfortunately, we first give up all our personal strength to create all these agreements and then maintain these agreements. Our personal strength is dissipated by all the agreements we have put in place, and the result is that we feel powerless. We have just enough strength to survive every day, because most of them are used to abide by the agreements that keep us prisoners of the planet`s dream. How can we change the whole dream of our lives if we don`t have the power to change any agreement? All of humanity seeks truth, justice and beauty.

We are in an eternal quest for the truth, because we only believe the lies we have stored in our minds. . . .