Worlds First 3D Printed Bridge

27 October 2015

Technology is developing extremely fast, especially 3D printing. 3D printing is expected to change the way we do and make things drastically. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is known for its 17th century architecture and its canals. But now, the 21st century is beginning to have an impact on the 17th century style of Amsterdam. This month, the construction of the worlds first 3D printed bridge began, which will be placed over the canal. The bridge will be made out of steel at a building site in the city. Visitors can track the progress of the bridge ever Friday and witness just how amazing 3D printing is!

MX3D (the company who are constructing the bridge) have a unique, six-axis 3D printing technique with advanced welding tools and specialized Autodesk software. This allows them to print plastic, resin and metal in mid-air without any support structures. Amazing isn't it? This technique allows structures to be created out of affordable and sustainable materials which are also very strong and complex. There is virtually no shape or size restrictions! The construction of the bridge is expected to take three to four months. The main aim of the 3D printed bridge is an attempt to show how the construction industry is yet to develop in the oncoming years.

The MX3D 3D printed steel bridge is an exciting and revolutionising development. The bridge will fit perfectly into Amsterdam’s culture. This gives visitors another reason to visit the beautiful, historical and technological progressive city… so that they can see the world’s first 3D printed bridge.

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