Hydraulic Spares

Below are some of the Hydraulic Spare Parts we can supply you. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. These spares are perfect for machines such as excavators, wheel loaders, screens and crushers contact us for more information on how Sigma can help you with replacing your spares.

Hydraulic Motors – 

Motors are part of the hydraulic system on excavators, wheel loaders, crusher and screens, and other construction equipment. They use the pressure and flow from the pump, and convert the energy into rotary force, and are used for driving wheels, conveyor belts, and slew rings.
Replacement hydraulic motors are available from many suppliers, however at Sigma we recommend you look at sourcing the same pump that was fitted onto your machine when new. This will ensure that the motor will fit straight onto the machine when it arrives, and also ensure the longest serviceable life.
We are glad to discuss options on repairing or replacing your damaged motor, please let us know your situation and we will advise!


Hydraulic Pump – 

Pumps are driven by the engine, and produce the pressure needed for operating construction machinery. Because they are working under constant pressure, pumps wear and can break or require rebuilding. This is common especially with older machines which have done high hours. As a guide, pumps often require repair/rebuilt every 15-20,000 hours, although heavier applications may wear the pump sooner, whilst lighter applications may delay pump failure.
Sigma can advise best options to repair damaged hydraulic pump, we have options to help you with finding used hydraulic pumps. If rebuilding your pump is a better option, we have bought rebuild kits to make pumps work again. We also work on fast shipping times to help your machine get producing again quickly.


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Hydraulic Ram – 

Hydraulic rams are an integral part of hydraulic systems on construction equipment. Rams often get damaged, and the chromed rod can get pitted or corroded with dust. Options to repair a damaged ram on a machine are either to rechrome the rod, or replace the entire cylinder. This may be a preferred option either where there is not an option to rechrome the cylinder rod, or where the ram has sustained other damage. This is possible, as rams are exposed on excavator booms and are liable to damage. Bucket cylinders, dipper cylinders and boom cylinders are especially prone to damage.
Sigma can advise on the best option for hydraulic cylinders, we have experience in rechroming rams and also we have fitted new cylinders onto machines. Hydraulic cylinders are built by manufacturers, like Caterpillar or Komatsu, and also aftermarket suppliers.

Hydraulic Ram Seal Kit –

Pressure seals on hydraulic rams, pumps and motors often develop leaks due to the harsh conditions and high pressures involved. It is regularly required to reseal a hydraulic ram or other component due to hydraulic oil leakage. If the leak was not treated, the level of hydraulic oil in the machine would gradually drop as oil leaked, and potentially cause damage to other components on the machine.
The good news is that replacement seal kits for construction machinery are relatively cheap and very high quality. We can vouch for both OEM and aftermarket seal kits with long operational lives.
If the chrome on the rod is cracked, damaged or corroded, the oil will leak, and this will not be rectified by changing the ram seal. In this case, the rod will need rechroming, which is where the cylinder is dismantled and the rod is resurfaced in chrome to allow the seal to work. In extreme cases, you may need to replace either the rod or the entire cylinder. View our CAT Seal Kits here.

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