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Hydraulic Hoses


Sigma PlantFinder supply wearing parts such as a full range of European hydraulic hoses, for all types of machinery and heavy equipment, together with fittings, couplings and ferrules. Our pipe-making machinery is built in Britain, for robust and simple operation. This enables you to take complete control of your on-site hydraulic repairs, whilst minimising cost and only using the pipe you need.wearing parts

Manufacturing hydraulic hoses is relatively simple, given the right equipment and proper training. The pipe must be cut to length, to avoid looping or bending too tightly, both of which can reduce the life of the hose. The cut end is then cleaned, or skived, to allow the pipe fitting to sit perfectly. Once this is done, the correct fitting is selected and crimped onto the end of the pipe using a phydraulic hosesipe crimper or pipe swaging machine.

We provide full training, both onsite and video-based, to ensure your staff have the highest proficiency in manufacturing hose. And we can deliver boxes, single pallets or full containers of hoses and pipe fittings in our monthly container service to major African ports. For more information on the wearing parts we can supply for your machinery, please contact us today.

When buying a machine or parts from us, if you need, we can send out a fully qualified engineer to set up the machine or fit the part. They will be fully certified for this job and will travel to your jobsite.


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