Ground Engagement Equipment

Attachments for Ground Engagement Equipment

Tracks, Buckets, Rippers, Undercarriages for Motor Graders, Excavators, Bulldozers and more!

Tracks –

Sigma can provide you with excellent condition wearing parts including tracks to suit your ground engagement machinery and get them to you fast! We take your uptime seriously and it will be in your hands sooner than you expect. We feel that you shouldn’t waste any time during the dry season.

We have a wide range of steel undercarriage tracks which are built for the following models:

  • CAT 320BL/320CL/320DL
  • CAT 323DL/324DL
  • CAT 325BL/325CL/325DL
  • CAT 330BL/330CL/330DL
  • CAT 336DL
  • CAT D6R/D6T
  • CAT D7R/D7T
  • CAT D8R/D8T

Our sets include the following parts:

  • Chain assemblies, including chain links, pins and bushes
  • Pads – 600mm, 700mm and 800mm width
  • Upper and lower rollers
  • Sprocket segments
  • Idler wheels

Undercarriages –  

An undercarriage is used to give additional traction for machines such as bulldozers. They also give superior all-terrain capability and are used extensively on excavators. Undercarriages with have wide pads give lower pressure and cause less ground disturbance and prevent machines from sinking on soft ground. Sigma also supply undercarriage sets for HitachiKomatsu and JCB equipment. Please contact the Sigma Plantfinder team today for more details.

ground engagement

Rippers – 

Rippers are often fitted to the rear of motor graders and heavy dozers, to loosen the surface ready for the next machine pass. Rippers consist of a steel frame with one (single shank ripper) or several (multi shank ripper) teeth which fit into the frame. The frame can then be lowered hydraulically to push the teeth into the ground. The machine weight and traction ensures that the ripper can pull through the ground, and rip out trees, roots, rocks and other obstacles.
Machines are often not fitted with rippers when new, and for applications later in life one needs to be fitted. Sigma can help with both new and used rippers, we have suppliers who stock and build both new and used equipment.
Ripper teeth and the ripper cutting edges are wearing parts, and can wear and fracture due to the high stress on the teeth. For this reason, the ripper teeth are replaceable, and can be easily replaced.


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At Sigma we understand that from time to time your machines will require routine maintenance and spare parts to keep them in running order. Our spare parts for ground engagement equipment are available for worldwide export and are ensured to give you excellent productivity.


Wheel Loader 2





For more details on our wearing parts for ground engagement equipment, call us on
+44 (0) 1642 206100 or email us at





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