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Drilling and Piling Rig Parts

Sigma can supply you with a wide range of Piling Rig Wearing Parts. Whatever part you need for your Piling Rig Parts, please contact us and we can source these for you tailored on your requirements.

Below are some of the Piling Rig Parts we can supply for you…

Kelly Bars –

Kelly bars are used in rotary piling rigs, to allow the rig to drill deep foundations. Kelly bars are either telescopic (used on self-propelled rigs, like Bauer rotary piling rigs) or fixed, which are used on crane mounted rigs like the Soilmec RT-3.

Telescopic Kelly bars are either friction or interlocking. Interlocking units are generally used on higher-torque or larger diameter piling operations.
If you are looking for used Kelly bars to replace a damaged or broken Kelly bar, Sigma recommend you look at a new option. Sigma can supply new, European and Italian-built Kelly bars which are interchangeable with Bauer Kelly bars, Soilmec Kelly bars and Casagrande Kelly bars. These have the added advantage of being similar price to a used Kelly bar, but in new/unused condition.

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Pile Breakers –

Due to the diversity of foundation techniques worldwide, the range of pilebreakers have increased considerably. The latest technology makes it possible to break prefab piles (square, hexagonal, octagonal and round) and cast-in-situ piles (round). The entire process is 10 times faster than conventional breaking methods and done in a controlled and safe way.


We can provide a range of attachments and wearing parts for piling and drilling rigs. Soilmec Ltd provides a complete drilling tools range which includes both standard drilling tools and customized drilling tools. Making sure your machinery is in top working order is vital because if it isn’t then you will not get the full capacity and capabilities from the machine. Some more wearing parts and attachments we can provide include; boring buckets, core barrels and augers.


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Please contact us to discuss your requirements on Kelly bars and drilling tools, we are happy to advise and help you with your needs.
Call us on +44 (0) 1642 206100
Email us sales@sigmaplantfinder.com




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