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Mining and Quarry Parts

We are the industry leaders in exporting replacement parts and at making sure they reach you in a record time.

Our Quarry Parts include:
Quarry screen mechanism parts, screen mesh and rubber conveyors belts.
Jaw crusher jawstocks, jaw plates, cheek plates, flywheels, mainframes and pitmans as well as eccentric shafts, labyrinths, spacers and end covers for most popular brands.
Cone crusher mainshafts, head cones, socket liners and eccentric bushings as well as gasgets, filters and seals. All our products are manufactured in the UK and are compatible with popular brands.

Crusher Wearing Parts

Crushers are quarry machines, designed to handle high stress loads and abrasive products, and work in demanding and rough environments. Crushers get some of the hardest wear of any construction machines, and are designed with removable wear parts that can be replaced with quarry wearing parts as they wear down.

Examples of these quarry parts are as follows:

Jaw Crushers – the main wearing parts on jaw crushers are the jaw plates and cheek plates. These are often reversible, and have wearing surfaces on both sides, so you get double the wear out of each plate. Other items such as rubber conveyors, rollers and conveyor head drums and drive motors often also require replacement, as they handle the stress and wear of carrying the crushed stone.

Cone Crushers – on a cone crusher the concave and mantle are designed to take the wear, as they crush the rock between the two cones. A well-designed cone set will maintain its shape as it wears, and still provide good crushing performance. Cones are specifically designed for a particular model, please let us know what machine your wearing parts are for.

Impact Crushers – as an impact crusher performs as much product size reduction as a jaw/cone combination, the wearing parts on impact crushers can wear very fast. As a result, it is recommended not to use an impact crusher on very hard or abrasive rock, such as granite or basalt. This will result in high costs for wearing parts and downtime, whilst a jaw/cone crushing line will result in a lower cost per tonne. Impact crushers have wear bars, or impact bars, on the central axle, and wear plates round the outside of the crushing chamber. All of these are relatively easy to replace.

Sigma are glad to advise on the best option for your wear parts, and choose the best type of wear plate – whether it is 14% manganese, 18% manganese, or ceramic units.

quarry parts

Screen Mesh –

Quarry screens are designed to separate out different sizes of aggregate, and are built to withstand heavy work loads and abrasive products. Depending on the size of aggregate you require, you may need different sizes of screen mesh to produce the correct size grading. Widely-used sizes are 40mm screen mesh, 20mm screen mesh, 10mm screen mesh, 5mm screen mesh and 2mm screen mesh.
Sigma can help you with woven screen mesh, piano wire mesh, welded mesh, fingers and punch plate. Whatever your application we can support your screen mesh requirements.
Screen mesh decks are fitted into the screen box with long tensioners and tension bolts, we are happy to quote on these if they are required.

When a screen mesh wears it often develops holes, which impacts the accuracy of screening and results in contaminated stockpiles and inaccurate screening. Screen meshes are cheap and easy to replace. Sigma can supply mesh and other quarry parts from the OEM supplier of world-class mobile screening manufacturers.


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Conveyor Belts – 

Sigma can provide world-class conveyor belts from the supplier of global brands of mobile crushing and screening equipment. Smooth or chevron belts are both used in screeners, and we can supply replacement conveyor belts for screens such as the Finlay 694, Powerscreen Chieftain 2100, Sandvik QA450 and QA451. If you have damaged conveyor belts which require patching, we can supply conveyor clips which allow pieces of rubber to be patched into the belt.
Sigma can also supply prejoined conveyor belts, and also the tools and equipment required to make endless conveyor belts, where the rubber is glued on a chamfer so no join is visible.
If you require conveyor belts, we can also supply conveyor rollers, conveyor side rollers, return rollers, and conveyor head and tail drum rollers for use in mobile screeners. All our replacement parts are high quality as used by OE manufacturers.


Rock Drill Parts – 

Rock Drills, also called blasting rigs or blasthole drill rigs, are small and manoeuvrable drill rigs designed to drill small diameter (up to 60mm) holes for blasting. Generally less than 20m deep, these holes are arranged in a pattern that ensures the right size rock for crushing is produced from the quarry blast face.
Rock drills are subject to high wear, and drifters must be refurbished every 1500-2000 drilling hours. Sigma can support your drilling operation with replacement drilling rods and drilling teeth or button bits, with high quality replacement parts.
We usually airfreight parts to you, resulting in a 3-5 day shipping time, to keep your equipment producing and reduce downtime as much as possible.

Rubber conveyor belts are built from high-performance rubber composite, designed to handle both the surface wear from carrying crushed stone, and the internal stress imposed by the conveyor drive system. Good quality conveyor belting is essential to keeping your quarry operation producing effectively.

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