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Container Freight

Shipping Mini Piling Rigs and Drilling Tools in Containers

Every shipment is different, and every solution must be tailored. Containers generally prove to be the most cost effective method of shipping drilling buckets, augers, in-gauge Kelly bars and Rotary drilling heads. For our clients, we ensure we understand exactly what is loading in each container, and in what order, to maximise the space efficiency and minimise the shipment cost.

Shipping mini piling rigs, vibro hammers, powerpacks and drilling tools in containers is routine work for our team. Containers provide a fixed cost, high reliability of shipping times and goods security.

What Can Our Team at Sigma Do For You?

Our experienced team provides a whole-service offering, handling the entire logistics process from collection of equipment, throughAtlas Copco Drill Rig shipping haulage, dismantling and packing, to monitoring the shipment progress and updating clients.

Depending on the machines, we are comfortable using 20 or 40 foot containers, high cube, open top or flat rack equipment. Our experienced load teams will dismantle the equipment if required quickly and professionally, and securely load the containers to keep the goods safe in transit. All loading costs are included in our shipping quotes, to make sure everything runs smoothly for the client.


  • Container release and haulage
  • Stevedoring: Lashing and loading
  • Crane Hire
  • VGM
  • Customs Clearance

Mait Kelly bar piling rig, shipping in containerOrganising every stage of the shipment ensures that your delivery arrives not only on time, but on the most cost-effective route with real time updates throughout the shipment process.

Whether the containers are in gauge or out of gauge (OOG) rest assured that we will minimise the shipping cost and ensure the fastest possible shipping time. By using Sigma, you are shipping with the specialist, and our entire expertise and knowledge is at your disposal.


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