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Machine Dismantling

Piling Rig Dismantling for container shipping

Piling Rig dismantled shipping in container

Often, a combination of  RORO and container shipping is the only viable option for piling rig shipment. To achieve this, usually a certain amount of dismantling must be done. Items such as mast extensions, rotary heads, Kelly bars, counterweights are often shipped in containers to reduce the base unit dimensions and weight.

Please ask us for quotations to dismantle and pack machines for container transit. We have done the following shipments in the past:

  • Fundex F16 CFA piling rig from UK to Nigeria; The base unit after dismantling still weighed 72tons. All possible components were removed and placed in containers for shipping.
  • Hitachi KH180 50-ton crawler crane, from Southampton to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This machine was equipped with a 40m boom, which had to be stripped from the machine, dismantled and carefully packed into containers. This was done on site, and the containers were taken to port and shipped quickly. The base crane was then taken on a low loader truck to Southampton. We we loaded the machine onto a flat rack container and shipped with the boom

Additional service all taken care of:

Sometimes a unit may be slightly oversized to fit into a container but machine dismantling can solve this problem and you can then make use of a container. This can significantly reduce costs and is an option, if you are able to reassemble at the final destination.


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