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Vibrating Post Driver

Vibrating Post Driver

Sigma a family-owned company established in 1975 with global success in the piling industry are delighted to team up with the engineers at Klou to push forward their cleverly designed post driver. Created with user ease and adaptability in mind this brilliant attachment makes fast work of driving posts into a variety of soil types on a variety of machines. Compact in size and working at a range of angles it can be fitted on any excavator, tractor or skid steer operator.

This super-fast post driver can install fence posts in rapid time, up to 10 times faster than thumper style products and immensely quicker than traditional non mechanical methods.

The versatility of the Klou Post Driver means it can be used in an array of settings, not only traditional fencing but also river barrage construction and plastic sheet piling which is becoming increasingly popular in conservation of nature and wildlife areas.

With a centrifugal force at 50HZ the Klou can drive a variety of materials including wood, plastic and steel.

Sigma take pride in our industry reputation and developing long lasting relationships with our clients who are at the heart of every decision made, we know that versatility is essential to any business therefore we are giving everyone the chance to take advantage of the benefits of this post driver by offering the product on sale and hire.


Centrifugal Force at 50 HZ: 45 Kns (Amplitude 2.10mm)

Centrifugal Force at 35 HZ: 22 Kns (Amplitude 3.75mm)

Hydraulic Requirements: Min 26 Ipm @ 166 bar

Post Sizes: 4″, 6″ or 9″ diameter*(capable of driving numerous post types and piling)

Circuit Weight: 160 kgs

Minimum Size Machine Required: 2 Ton


Included with your Post Driver:

4” Round Hat/Cup

6” Round Hat/Cup

9” Round Hat/Cup

Two cups of your choice will be supplied with your post driver.

Countless other shapes/sizes can be made to suit your post. Please contact us and let us know your requirements.

**Note: The hat/cup is purely a guide – it must not be a tight fit, as it needs to allow the vibration to transfer through the post and into the ground**


Every post driver is fitted with 3no hydraulic fittings

1)Supply/pressure in

2)Return 2way

3)Pressure release/tank drain

4)Spare alternative connector supplied as well


Flow Control Valve set at 45Ltrs/min which protects the post driver from too high a hydraulic flow, and all excess oil returns to tank to prevent the machine from overheating

2no Spare A/V rubber mounts and fixings supplied with every post driver

1mtr Plumb chain fitted to all units


Please contact us for pricing details for sales and hire.

If you would like to stock our product contact us today!

Contact us here, or please see further contact details below:

Email: sales@sigmaplantfinder.com

Phone: +44 (0) 1642 206100


The Post Driver in action: