Motor Grader

Used Motor Grading Machines

Motor graders are widely used to loosen the top surface of the road to create a flat surface in road construction. Graders can come with multiple attachments such as; a ripper, front blade or mid scarifier. CAT 140H is a common grader which is usually built in the USA or Brazil and is used by most road contractors.

Popular Motor Grader Brands

The CAT 140K looks very similar but is built in China. M-series graders are controlled with joysticks, instead of levers and a steering wheel. This reduces operator fatigue over a work shift and allows for better productivity. Mining applications use the larger 16 series, 160H, 160M, 16M as these are bigger and therefore can get the job done much quicker than a smaller grader. Other common graders are Komatsu, Volvo and John Deere.