Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear machines are manufactured in USA and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are renowned for their superior build quality. Established in 1890, they are professionals at building machinery for exploration, water well drilling, and other types of specialist work. Their main machines are in their LF range. Popular models include the Boart Longyear LF90D and Boart Longyear LF230. These are surface exploration drilling rigs. Boart Longyear also manufacture underground exploration rigs, these are the LM series. Common models include the Boart Longyear LM55 and Boart Longyear LM110. Both rigs are static and low maintenance. They also manufacture a Deltabase range, such as the Boart Longyear DB520 and DB540. These rigs are commonly mounted to either a crawler base or 6x6 truck. If there is anything we can help you with, or if you are looking for a machine that isn't advertised below, or need some assistance, contact us.

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