Bauer are a German company founded in 1790, who produce a wide range of machines under the Bauer brand, including rotary piling rigs and CFA piling rigs. Popular models are the Bauer BG24H and Bauer BG28 rotary piling rigs, and the RG19T vibro piling rigs, which Bauer manufacture under the RTG brand. Bauer manufacture equipment and tools for specialist foundation engineering applications and mining. Bauer are a global market leader in specialist foundation engineering equipment, and Bauer machines are used in every country worldwide. Bauer kelly bar rigs, Bauer CSM equipment, Bauer machines in CFA or CSP or FDP configuration are found globally. If you want reliablility in harsh terrain, and the ultimate in productivity, Bauer equipment is your solution. If there is anything we can help you with, or if you are looking for a Bauer machine that isn't advertised below, or need some assistance on selecting the right Bauer rig, contact us.

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