Africa’s first smart city could be hosted by Rwanda

11 December 2015

Kigali, which is Rwanda’s capital city could potentially become Africa’s first smart city. Cisco, who have come to this conclusion, believes that there is a huge potential for the growth of the internet of things (IOT) in Africa. A smart city uses ICT to improve performance, quality and interactivity of urban services. This reduces costs in the long term and resource consumption whilst also improving contact between the government and citizens.

Many people have confidence that Rwanda’s president is doing great things for the countries development. He understands technology and is already beginning to work on IOT services such as connected hotels, connected stadiums, connected airports and conference centres.

IOT also has a number of procedures which will help to solve any problems with industries such as healthcare, mining, agriculture, financial services and education. Cisco is currently involved with two mining companies which are located in South Africa to help improve the gap between operational development and ICT.

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