Phase II of Bumbuna hydropower project in Sierra Leone starts

7 November 2016

Four international bidders from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have come together to develop phase II of the Bumbuna hydropower project in Joule Africa. The project is estimated to generate 143 megawatts (MW), it had attracted bidders from the globe’s top four contractors on hydropower construction including AG/DAWNUS from Brazil, JV Hydrochina/Sinohydro from China, SALINI and Impregilio from Italy and CMC Yuksel from South Africa that are currently in the country on a five days pre –bidding site tours to the project area. The contractor is expected to build two substations that will be linked to the West Africa supply line in Liberia and Guinea correspondingly intercepting 225 kV each from Yiben dam. The phase II project is set to enjoy a concession agreement with Joule Africa who had invested the most with a total funds of US$ 125M and AIM from South Africa with fiscal support of US$ 75M. The project is also in receipt of debts worth US$ 730M from European Investment Bank (ADB), International Financial Corporation (IFC), Islamic Development Bank, CDC, Green Africa Power (GAP) and various investors. The 143mw power scheme will be established on the 115kilometre squares (km2) reservoir areas at Yiben River and is likely to displace 6 global threatened species and 32 global susceptible species, with about 1,000 homes and 5,600 individuals in 44 settlements to be relocated.

During the construction progression as part of Joule Africa’s mitigation tactics the contractor is expected to lessen inundation region by more than half and the Environmental, Social and Health Impacts Assessment (ESHIA) survey and license have been incorporated. At a briefing presentation on the project at Wusum Hotel the Chief of Staff Saidu Conton Sesay, defined the phase II of Bumbuna as ‘essential’ and  is in the ‘heart’ of the president and citizens of Sierra Leone. Mr. Sesay said the government and the people are ready to meet their obligation for the project. At Bumbuna the Chief of Staff assured the community that since everyone in the country is anxious for electricity, completion of the project will change lives. He beseeched the community to embrace the project and continue to work in the interest of development and prompt completion of the venture. The Deputy Energy Minister Honorable Hassan Barrie said the country is eager for the completion of the project , particularly after the government vowed to electrify the whole country.

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