Insurance and Payment Methods

Shipment Insurance

Sigma can arrange comprehensive insurance for all shipments at a competitive rate. Please enquire for Shipping Insurance, which is available for equipment damage and also total loss.shipping insurance

In order to achieve total peace of mind over the safety of your shipment, please contact us to arrange comprehensive shipping insurance for A Clauses or B Clauses, covering Total Loss or Partial Loss. Without insurance, you are carrying the risks of damage and vandalism to the machine during loading, unloading, dock storage and transit. You also have the risk of the vessel foundering and the cargo being lost.

To arrange Ocean Shipping Insurance, please provide us with the destination, port of loading, description of goods and shipment value. We will be glad to provide a swift and competitive quotation.



Letter of Credit Services

Letter of Credit (L/C or Documentary Credit) is a mechanism arranged through the bank that provides security to both the purchaser and the shipper on export sales. For this arrangement, the Bills of Lading (Proof of shipping, required to release the shipment from the destination port) act as the payment release, and the bank acts as the guarantor, releasing payment as soon as the Bills of Lading are submitted by the shipper.

LC administration requires a high degree of detail and experience, and not all vendors of machinery may be happy to accept one as payment. Sigma can facilitate LC purchase, by purchasing the machine from the vendor, shipping and collecting payment by LC.



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