Deep Soil Mixing Piling Rigs

We have a wide range of used Deep Soil Mixing Construction machinery for sale, suitable for any application. Take a look at our large selection of  Junttan and other Deep Soil Mixing machinery. Deep soil mixing is an in-situ ground enhancement technique that improves the  qualities of weak soils by mechanically mixing them with a cementitious binder. The action of combining materials such as cement, fly ash, lime or bentonite with soil causes the properties of the soil to become more like soft rock. Wet mixing includes the introduction of a smooth grout with synchronised disaggregation of the soil with a rotating mixing tool. 

Dry soil mixing is used for very wet and/or organic materials, which have a moisture content high enough that when dry cement binder is applied under pressure and agitated by the mixing tool creates a fully fluidised soil / cement mixture. Contact our industry experts today for more information on the best rig to suit you with your ongoing or future construction project.

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