Jet Grouting

Used Jet Grout Rigs and Pumps for sale

Our Jet Grouting Inventory includes Mini Piling rigs set up for Jet Grouting, such as Casagrande C6, Comacchio MC15 and Jet Grout pumps that work in conjunction with them. We hold Inventory at various locations around the world, immediately available and generally shipped within one to two weeks. Get in touch to check stock globally and ask for a shipping price to your port of destination on the machine of your choice today.
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Jet Grouting, the ground improvement technique that provides ground support by simply injecting cement grouts at a high pressure. Jet Grouting, or Jetcrete, can be accomplished by high pressure, high velocity jets located in a grout monitor attached to a drill stem. Jet grouting can be used in a wide-range of soils to modify their characteristics by mixing with grout to form a soil-mixed column. Jet Grouting uses high velocity fluid jets to construct cemented soil of varying geometries under the ground. It can be used to underpin buildings, for water cut-off, to aid excavation (tunnels, shafts etc.) and for mass soil-mixing and the encapsulation of pollutants. We can supply you with a wide range of used Jet Grouting Pumps and Rotary Jet Grouting Drilling Rigs to suit your project. Our selection of Jet Grouting Equipment includes the best value Atlas CopcoTecniwell and Soilmec Jet Grout Pumps and Mixing Stations and Jet Grouting Equipment.