Diaphragm Wall Drilling Rigs

Diaphragm Wall Drilling Rigs For Sale

We have a wide range of used Diaphragm Wall Drilling Rigs and Diaphragm Wall Construction machinery for sale, suitable for any application. Take a look at our large selection of Liebherr, Bauer, Casagrande and other Diaphragm Wall and Trench Cutting Diaphragm Wall machinery.

Diaphragm Wall Drilling rigs are used to construct structural concrete walls in a deep vertical trench. There are two main methods of Diaphragm Wall construction. The first method uses a Diaphragm Wall Cutter, such as a Bauer DHG-E suspended from a crawler crane or mounted on a Diaphragm Wall Drilling compatible piling rig. This is the most common method and utilises a Diaphragm ‘digging’ method, relying on single insertions of the Diaphragm Wall cutter into the trench. The second method uses a Diaphragm Wall Hydromill, such as a Bauer BC35. This method is used when the Diaphragm Wall is extremely deep or in hard ground/rock, and works using a Diaphragm ‘cutting’ motion.

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