Diaphragm Wall Drilling Rigs

Diaphragm Wall Drilling Rigs are used to construct structural concrete walls in a deep vertical trench.  Diaphragm Walls are often used when constructing a basement and offer good leak protection properties compared to other foundation methods.  There are two main methods of Diaphragm Wall construction.  The first method uses a Diaphragm Wall Cutter, such as a Bauer DHG-E suspended from a crawler crane or mounted on a compatible piling rig.  This is the most common method and utilises a ‘digging’ method, relying on single insertions of the cutter into the trench.  The second method uses Diaphragm Wall Hydromill, such as a Bauer BC35.  This method is used when the Diaphragm Wall is extremely deep or in hard ground/rock, and works using a ‘cutting’ motion.