CFA Piling Rigs

Used CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piling Rigs For Sale

Using CFA Piling Rigs consists of drilling using a rotary head coupled to a continuous flight auger. Sigma Plantfinder Ltd provide a range of used CFA Piling rigs for sale, offering the ideal solution for larger construction projects. CFA Piles or Continuous flight auger piles are drilled and concreted in one continuous operation enabling much faster installation time than for bored piles.
Continuous flight augering (CFA), also known as auger cast piling, CFA piling or auger piles is a technique used in construction to create a concrete deep foundation. Reinforcement is placed into the wet concrete after casting, enabling the pile to resist the full range of structural loading.

We have used CFA piling rigs, also known as Continuous Flight Auger rig or Screw Piling rigs, and hollow tube piling machinery for sale suitable for CFA Piling applications. These include brands such as; SoilmecBauerLlamada and many more well know CFA Piling rigs.
Whether you need a CFA Piling rig brand like a Casagrande or CMV or other CFA Piling rig for your project, we can supply various sizes of used CFA drilling rigs and machinery and other Continuous Flight Auger equipment. We can also supply used and brand new augers for your machine. Contact our industry experts today if you require augers, or for more information on the best CFA Piling rig to suit you with your ongoing or future construction Piling project.