Mini Piling Rigs

We have every machine for every application available for sale, including rigs for micro piling, soil nailing, drifter drilling, soil investigation and much more. With a great supply of top condition used rigs such as; Casagrande C6, Soilmec SM14 and Comacchio rigs for anchoring, pre-augering, DTH (down-the-hole) drilling and other uses for sale.

This selection also includes Geotechnical, Environmental and Limited-Access Drilling Machinery.

Take a look below to explore our range of mini piling and small drilling machines for sale, including; Soilmec, EGT, Tescar, Casagrande, Comacchio, Fraste, Dando, Masssenza and many more.

Contact our industry experts today for more information on the best rig to suit you with your ongoing or future construction project.