Piling Rig Shipping

At Sigma PlantFinder, we ship our clients’ machines. We control everything, from choosing the shipping lines to booking the seafreight and clearing Customs. We send our own engineers to port to load the machine, to ensure everything goes to plan. We work with transport and haulage firms to make sure that loading goes right, every time.

We don’t believe in using standard shipping agents to ship Piling Rigs.

CFA drilling rigs, Hammer pile drivers and large rotary piling rigs are some of the largest items a port will load. Because they are outliers, they are the most likely to encounter problems on dock, from ship loading angles to space on deck, to unfamiliar controls.

That’s why we take final responsibility for all our shipments, and follow up personally to make sure the machines are on track, every step of the way. Our hands-on approach to road haulage and ocean freight reflects our rigour in making sure every step of every purchase is right.

We are pile driver specialists, we have deep technical competence, we have total focus on getting the job done right.

And our job only ends when you have the machine and it’s working on site.

Banut Pile driver loading on vessel for ocean shipping

Banut Pile driver loading on vessel for ocean shipping


Our competitive prices come from our in-depth planning, to make sure we cover every eventuality and do not have to add a “contingency” margin, like other shipping agents. We believe this, like poor planning, opens the way to higher costs, delays, and slipshod work.

Our job is to do it right, first time. That means lower costs for you, faster delivery times, and no problems that impact onto you.

It’s our job. And we take responsibility.


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Ocean Freight for Piling Rigs

In the early days, we got frustrated with lack of accountability from general shipping agents, slow shipments and problems that took ages to be resolved. It impacted our clients and affected our relationships.

We understand that issues and delays happen. But we also know that with technical knowledge of the machines, proper planning and engaged people, the vast majority of issues can be avoided completely.

We know this because we started dealing with the problems that the general shipping agents just left in the “too hard” box.

And we found that we could resolve these issues.

Why? Because we understood the machines, and we cared enough about the customer to come up with solutions.

Today, we have many years of experience in shipping and transporting pile drivers and drilling rigs. We know and understand all the routes, the procedures and the pitfalls. And we look after our clients so that the projects and the relationships are not impacted.

If you have a critical shipment, a difficult shipment, or a tight schedule, Sigma can make the difference for you.

With us, the job’s not done till you have the machine and it’s working on site.



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