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Time is money in the construction industry. So whether you order a huge item of plant machinery, or the smallest spare part, our Sigma Shipping team will get your equipment to you safely, on the first available vessel, with updates along the way.

From deep sea to short sea shipments, we operate all major ports worldwide, with the capability to move RORO, containerised and oversized freight. And our rates are highly competitive, whatever you want shipping:

  • RORO freight for large units
  • Container shipping for small items in 20 or 40 foot containers
  • Open top container for high equipment that must be lifted in through the top
  • Flat rack shipping
  • Machinery dismantling
  • Container packing /container stuffing for used machinery
  • Pallet and road haulage
  • Road heavy haulage for wide/heavy loads
  • Airfreight for crates or pallets of high value/urgent equipment
  • Mechanics for dock assistance and machine in port repairs
  • Stevedores for handling loading/container dispatch


We have repair technicians and machine packers in most major ports globally. They can handle heavy, oversized road haulage across Europe and the US.


Why waste time on money on another shipping agent when Sigma Shipping can handle the purchase, the export and the import of your machinery all at once?

Our stringent procurement process is designed to prevent fraud and to make sure you get the exact used piling equipment you order.

We even have repair technicians and machine packers in most major ports who can handle heavy, oversized road haulage across Europe, US, Africa and Asia.


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Trust Sigma Shipping

We set up Sigma Shipping initially to control every aspect of the short sea and ferry shipments of our own freight. If the service is good enough for us, you can have confidence that it’s even better for you.

Now we’ve expanded to provide a full-capability, high frequency international shipment service for all types of machinery.

We can handle pre-shipment inspections, in-port repairs, machine dismantling and cleaning, and even customs clearance and export documents.

Our years of experience and network of reliable partners and dedicated staff to deliver the smoothest, most reliable service possible.

So whether you’re looking to ship a bulldozer to West Africa, a crawler crane to Vietnam, or anything else, contact us for a quote.




Established initially to obtain control of our own freight movements, Sigma has expanded to provide a full-capability shipment service for all types of machinery. Handling pre-shipment inspections, in-port repairs, machine dismantling and cleaning is our way of life, ensuring you get the smoothest and most reliable service possible. Our mantra is to report to you before you ask – delivering ultimate peace of mind.

Sigma can also help with Customs clearance and Export documents. Whatever your requirements, Sigma will undertake to deliver total customer happiness on all shipments. Whether you are looking to ship a bulldozer to West Africa or a crawler crane to Vietnam, we are the transport company you are looking for.

With years of experience and a network running to hundreds of partner companies, our skilled team members are able to provide quick responses and cost/feasibility quotes, allowing you to make the most informed decision on your shipments.


Unparalleled aftersales

When you buy machinery from us, you’ll be updated from the moment of purchase right to the point you receive it.

But that’s not “job done”. Our dedicated aftersales team will keep in touch with courtesy calls to check everything is working, and they’re always ready if you need advice, training or spare parts.

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