What are asphalt road pavers?

29 October 2014
Asphalt road pavers are construction machines for laying asphalt.

Asphalt is imported into the pavers hopper and carried via conveyor to the auger. The auger is a large screw which dispenses the asphalt onto the screed. At this point, the screed then takes this batch of asphalt, heats it and distributes it over the width of the road. The screed also provides a minor compaction and leaves a smooth uniformed surface.

A consistant slow speed should be used in order to achieve an even distribution of asphalt and avoid having thicker sections which would result in an uneven final surface layer.

Bomag BF 800P Asphalt Road Paver

6 cylinder turbo engine, electric heating screed HS600 (3,00m – 6,00m)

Vogele Super 1900-2 Asphalt Road Paver

Hydraulic screed AB500, tamper & vibration, adjustable distribution auger.

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