Cape Town International Airport to undergo US $493m major facelift

21 August 2019

Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) is set to undergo major renovation works that will see a new realigned runway done as well as revamped domestic terminals to give it a new and attractive look. An investment worth US $493m has been set aside for the project which will be done in the next five years.

According to Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) corporate affairs Senior Manager, Deidre Davids the upcoming expansion program is aimed at facilitating current and future growth of the Western Cape’s main airport.

“With the growing demand for cargo and passengers, it is crucial that we meet these requirements. The new runway and renovated terminals together with other infrastructures will facilitate greater access to Cape Town and Western Cape, therefore, enhancing growth in terms of cargo traffic, passengers and tourism,” she said.

She further added that the realignment of the runway will offer more space to meet the growing demand and also for the future expansion of the terminals eastward considering currently the primary runway is too close to the terminal buildings.

Realigning the runway

Realigning of the runway will cost approximately US $250m with the environmental assessment impact already completed in February last year. ACSA envisions a 24-month construction and a six-month commissioning period.

The realigned runway will be 3,500 metres long and will be constructed on international Code F specifications for larger aircrafts. CTIA will also construct parallel and rapid exit taxiways.

Domestic arrivals terminal

On the other side, the New Domestic Arrivals Terminal will take approximately two and a half years to construct and commission. Once ready it will offer easy exit routes for passengers. The development will also see a bigger and new meet and greet area.

Construction of the terminals is set to start early 2020 at a cost of US $4.3m and will take about 30 months to conclude.

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