Construction of Bugesera Airport in Rwanda kicks off

28 February 2017

The Aviation, Travel and Logistics Limited (ATL Ltd) has its work cut out for the coming two years as the new chief executive takes office and construction works of Bugesera International Airport starts.

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Lucky Cheong, the new chief executive of the holding firm, said, they are extremely involved in the design of Bugesera International Airport as well as construction.

He said as construction work for the new airport begins, the firm is eager on setting up systems that will see them deliver quality services.

Among the errands involved in the process, he said; involve identifying skill needs essential to develop the sector and ways to train their staff.

“We could do this by having skilled trainers and mentors which is where partners come in. We could also send our managers for bench marking to more qualified airports,” Cheong told The New Times.

He said towards the launch of the new airport, they will try to generate demand for the airport’s services mainly by making it a highly regarded name to industry players.

“We must be conscious of international standards, we want to put our expectations elevated from the beginning when the new airlines come in,” he said on the sidelines of the Aviation Africa 2017 summit.

Currently, Kigali International Airport deals with around 800,000 passengers yearly while the new facility will deal with around 1.7 million passengers.

He stated that, in upcoming years, other than the airport, they would also build up an airport city around Bugesera and an aviation ecosystem with several players. Akagera Aviation, Cheong added, could in the course, be mostly concerned in the training of staff.

The holding company was created and approved by the Cabinet in 2015 to run aviation activities such as travel, logistics, ground, freight and cargo handling and charter services.

The company has subsidiaries in an effort to place the nation as a regional aviation hub for tourism, cargo and logistics-related activities. They include RwandAir, airports and Akagera Aviation.

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