Construction of Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt takes shape

14 October 2015

The long awaited plans for the  construction of Dabaa Nuclear power plant in Egypt has finally taken shape as officials from Egypt and Russia got into final talks on the way forward.

According to reports from the Egyptian Authority the Russia state-owned Rosatom has reached final stages of negotiating the construction of Egypt’s Dabaa nuclear power plant contract.

According to a statement from Rosatom vice-president Anton Moskvin the project is set to kick off as what they had in discussion have been already tackled.

Earlier on when Russia got into agreement with Egypt it was expected that all agreement signing would be done by the end of this year so that the construction of the nuclear plant would end by 2020.

The plant will be constructed in two phases according to Anton Moskvin and the Russian side company will construct four reactors while other four reactors will be offered for an international tender.

Each reactor will produce 1,200 Megawatt of electricity. The construction works are scheduled to start in mid-2016.

In February, Sisi and Putin announced reaching agreements on building the plant and establishing a Russian-Egyptian free trade zone.

In 1981, Egypt allocated the Dabaa area in the Mediterranean governorate of Matrouh, 183.9 miles to the northwest of Cairo, to build its first nuclear plant of 55 square kilometers.

The project is expected to boost the power production of the country since currently there is a power shortage.

Although mooted a couple of years ago,the construction of Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt has been delayed partly due the civil unrest that engulfed the country.

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