Construction of Renaissance dam in Ethiopia in good course

21 September 2015

The construction of Renaissance dam in Ethiopia is in good course,Dam project director, Simegnew Bekele has announced. Bekele said that the project is steady and they believe it will be completed within the stipulated time.

The director added that they are making sure that the project is constructed to standards as they are currently using the latest technology that will ensure the dam last for ages.

The construction of Renaissance dam in Ethiopia  is currently 47% complete.

He added that the project can be measured by the amount of concrete used as currently the concrete and cement used so far amounts to 4 million tons out of an expected 10.5 million tons.

At the time of the announcement, Egypt’s Water Resources Minister Hossam al-Moghazi stressed that negotiations are the only means to solve disputes between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia over the controversial dam.

Dialogue and negotiations are what solves any disagreements, Moghazi said. Egypt is studying all possible scenarios to ensure the seriousness of dialogue and wants to achieve joint cooperation between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, he added.

Egypt is committed to the Declaration of Principles on the Renaissance Dam, signed with Sudan and Ethiopia in March in Khartoum, Moghazi said.

Moghazi added that stressing the importance of the three countries’ commitment to the Declaration of Principles is an important safeguard for cooperation.

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