Different Types of Cranes

10 December 2014

What is the difference between truck mounted and crawler cranes?

Various terrains require different types of cranes and below we outline the main difference between truck mounted cranes and crawler cranes. You can click on the images to view our amazing deals on cranes.

Truck Mounted Crane

These cranes are able to travel down highways which means there is no need for special equipment to transport the crane. Larger cranes can have either special trailers to help spread the load over more axles or can be disassembled. Counterweights are often transported seperately to the crane. Outriggers on truck mounted cranes extend sideways from the chassis but then down in order to stabilize the crane. The ‘upper’ lifting section of the crane is usually powered by hydraulics.

Lifting range: 13.2t - 1,179t

Crawler Crane

Mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks that provide stability and mobility. Crawler cranes require very little set-up to perform each lift and are able to move around site and lift without the use of outriggers. Crawlers are comfortably able to move whilst carrying loads unlike truck mounted cranes where this is less common. The main disadvantage of a crawler crane is the difficulty of moving them from site to site due to their size and weight.

Lifting Range: 36.3t - 3,17

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