Growth at Sigma

22 August 2019
At Sigma, we are continuously looking at ways to improve and grow. Over the years we have sold to many different countries and people. We learn from every single experience and use it to help us do better in the future. We have progressed as a company by working together to improve all aspects of Sigma PlantFinder and we aim to continue in our growth.

Expansion at Sigma

In the past 4 years we have grown our customer base globally by expanding the countries we sell to by 65%. This includes machines from all category areas including, cranes, quarry, piling and drilling, road construction, earth moving and trucks.

Long Term Customer Relationships

We continue to create long term partnerships with our customers worldwide and help them with any projects they have ongoing and any upcoming projects they have in the future. You can see one of our customer testimonial videos which demonstrates our relationship building and how we support our clients

Employment at Sigma

Our employee numbers over the past 5 years have increased from 9 staff to now a total of 18 staff members which means our workforce has doubled. We have also developed on our parts and aftersales service meaning we can provide a smooth process from beginning to end for our customer.

Each Sourcing team member covers their own category in the machinery market which enables us to provide our clients with the best and most accurate advise for the machinery they require for their projects.

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