Helen Gawthorpe | Admin and HR Manager

4 December 2023
Meet the team...

Helen Gawthorpe - Admin and HR Manager 👋

Meet Helen, the linchpin of our human capital strategy and the orchestrator of seamless operations. With a keen eye for talent and a passion for fostering a positive workplace culture, Helen is the driving force behind the success of our team. Her strategic approach to recruitment, employee development, and creating a harmonious work environment makes her an invaluable asset. Helen not only brings a wealth of experience to the table but also a genuine commitment to building a motivated and cohesive team. In every decision and initiative, Helen ensures that our workplace not only meets industry standards but exceeds them, making Sigma not just a workplace but a thriving community of dedicated professionals.🏅 

As well as this, Helen has a dedication for detail and a talent for turning chaos into order, making her the backbone of our day-to-day functioning. Her organizational prowess ensures that every piece of the puzzle falls into place, from managing schedules to coordinating resources effortlessly. Her dedication and meticulous approach contribute significantly to the smooth sailing of Sigma, ensuring that we operates at the peak of productivity.🧩 

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T: +44 (0) 1642 206100
E: sales@sigmaplantfinder.com

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