Development in Africa's road infrastructure

26 January 2015

Projects for 2015

Africa set a goal to expand the network of highways that connected the continent and encourage development. Various countries have benefited from this through an increase in traffic due to new access boosting their economy. Currently we are also seeing new road plans on a smaller scale that will connect communities within the outer reaches. Ghana is one of the countries that will see development within their Cocoa growing societies. This development will enhance and diversify their economy encouraging growth. The need for infrastructural change is obvious; according to Andy Coghlan from New Scientist Magazine, Africa has an average road density of just 204 kilometers of road per 1000 square kilometers of land. In contrast, the world average is 944 kilometers of road per 1000 square kilometers of land. The main reason behind the road developments is to boost economic growth and jobs whilst also benefiting education through greater access. Among other countries, the below list includes some of the main projects to be carried out in 2015:

  • Algeria - 63km bypass between Guelma and Annaba
  • Niger - Last section of Trans-Saharan Highway
  • Zimbabwe - 62km road between Bulawayo-Tsholotsho
  • Mozambique - 680m New bridge in Maputo
  • Rwanda - 51km Base Nyagatare Road Project

The below map indicates the network of roads throughout the African continent and highlights the main trans-African routes.

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