Motor Graders and their use

15 December 2014

What do motor graders do?

Motor graders are road construction machines with a long blade used to create a flat surface. Typically, grader blades have a width of between 2.5 – 7.3 meters and engines range from 125-500hp.

Motor graders are generally used within road construction and civil engineering with the purpose of refining the ‘rough grading’ performed earlier in the road construction process. Dirt and gravel roads are where graders are typically required in order to prepare the base level. They create a wide flat surface ready for the asphalt to be laid.

Graders can also be used to set soil foundations in the construction of large buildings and can operate several attachments, meaning they can even be used for underground mining. They can produce inclined surfaces to create road camber and in some countries are used to create drainage ditches on highways.

Below is the Operation Manual for a CAT grader 140:

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