Nigeria intends to connect all seaports, airports and inland container depots by rail

1 September 2017

The Federal Government of Nigeria intends to connect all seaports, airports and inland container depots by rail.

According to Sabiu Zakari, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transportation, the vision is for a farmer in Sokoto to be able to send his goods from his farms through road to the nearest inland container depot. From the depot using the rail, the farm produce are transported to one of the seaports for export to Europe, America, and Asia.

Sustainable Economy Development

Speaking at the opening session of the 15th National Council on Transportation holding in Sokoto, Zakari stressed that sustainable development of an economy needs to link directly to an efficient transportation system.

According to Zakari the current transport infrastructure and services are inadequate to cope with the country’s huge population. Thus the need to develop and integrate the various modes. At the moment a necessity to enhance the nation’s transportation system.

However, the government has a record of the modest strides in linking Apapa port to rail. Additionally, transportation of the bonded containers is currently underway. The transportation is via rail from Apapa port to Inland Container Nigeria Limited Depot in Kaduna.

Moreover, the optimism of the development of intermodal transportation is to reduce the cost of transportation. The influx of people and trucks to port cities. Reducing the over reliance on single mode in the country helps in easing congestion at the ports. This also creates jobs, develop modern transport infrastructure and extend the life of the already existing ones.

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