Our Team at Sigma

6 September 2019

At Sigma, you can trust that our hardworking team are doing their best to help you, whether its finding you the right machine, or going that extra mile to solve any problems you may have. It’s why we’ve built so many strong and lasting relationships with clients all over the world. We only employ the most talented individuals that can get the job done to a high standard.

Our Company Owners

Our company owners work extremely hard to make sure that everything is running like it should be. Adrian James, the Chairman of Sigma Plantfinder, oversees everything within the business, regularly travelling to meet customers and suppliers to build relationships and finalise deals. Kurt James, the CEO of Sigma Plantfinder, is a skilled negotiator who works with an ethos of trust and reliability when building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients all over the world. Reuben James, the COO, of Sigma Plantfinder, directs the teams at Sigma day-to-day, and with specialist knowledge of machinery and suppliers, he recommends the best machines for customers.

Our Sourcing Team

Our sourcing team are here to find the right machine for you, whatever you require they will try and find something that suits all your needs. Our sourcing executives, Harvey Rix, Paul Ralph, Leo Cowie, Rachael Turnbull and Sophie Evershed are in constant contact with suppliers to find out what is for sale, with expert knowledge to advise customers on what machine they may need for any criteria they have.

Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team are here to oversee that our customers have a smooth and simple buying experience from Sigma. Jack Lines, our Initial Sales Manager,
deals with all new customers at Sigma and starts the relationship building. Daniel Duffield and Liam Williams, our Portfolio Sales Executives, along with Vicky McSherry (Portfolio Manager) are here to make the buying process effortless, providing help and advice. They deal with all existing customers and will get to know all your requirements.

Our Shipping and Aftersales Team

Barry Saltmarsh, our Aftersales advisor, provides a support service to customers so their needs are met quickly, as well as dealing with guarantees and warranties. Hayden Evershed, our Shipping Executive, makes certain the delivery of your machine to your chosen port runs effortlessly. He can resolve any shipping problems and can get you the most competitive shipping prices around the world with his expert knowledge and wide range of contacts.

Our Finance Team

Julie Goble, our Head of Accounts at Sigma, makes sure our suppliers are paid on time and issues proformas so customer details are processed correctly for VAT and accounting purposes. Ruth Barnes, our Finance Assistant, makes sure all financial accounts are precisely entered and invoices are issued. She records purchase orders to ensure customers needs are fulfilled. They both work together to make sure everything is running smoothly on the financial side.

Marketing and Administration Team

Chloe Williams, our Marketing Manager, looks after website development, UX, SEO, email, copywriting, marketing campaigns and project-management of external marketing companies. Abbie McLeod, our Administration Executive, manages Sigma’s social media channels, organises office supplies, collects reports and manages the company’s CRM system.

Our HR Department

Our HR Manager, Helen Gawthorpe, is in charge of recruitment for Sigma and ensures she employs reliable staff to ensure our customers have a great experience whilst dealing with us. Helen also looks after the staff once they are here making sure they are comfortable in their roles.

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