What is a Piling Rig

12 November 2014

What is a piling rig?

A piling rig is used to drive piles into soil to provide foundation support for buildings, bridges and other structures.

A heavy weight is placed between guides allowing it to move up and down in a single line. Once places upon a pile, it is raised using diesel or hydraulics. At its optimum height the weight is then released which hammers the pile and drives it into the ground.

What is the difference between and deisel and hydraulic hammer?

Diesel Hammer - A large two-stroke diesel engine with a piston weight.

The cable from the crane holding the pile driver is raised and draws air into the cylinder. Seisel is injected into the cylinder and the weight is dropped. The weight of the piston compresses the air and fuel which ignites. This then transfers the energy to the pile head and back up. The cycle then begins again. You can view a diagram on how a diesel hammer works.

Hydraulic Hammer – A modern replacement for diesel hammers.

Hydraulic hammers are more environmentally friendly than older, less efficient hammers as they generate less noise and pollution. The weight is raised by a double chain which is run by a speed variable hydraulic motor. A tie bar between the chain grabs a catch on the weight and at a certain height is pushed in allowing the weight to fall. Once at the bottom, the catch is released again and the cycle continues.

Accelerated Hydraulic Hammer – Designed for multipurpose and faster piling.

Accelerated hydraulic hammers have specially developed drive cap designs which make it possible to drive a wide range of pile types and sizes such as precast concrete piles, tubular steel piles, sheet piles in pairs and all types of universal bearing piles. The downward fall of the hammer is powered which results in an accelerated stroke rate and an increased impact for faster piling.

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