Road Roller Compaction Machines

28 October 2014

What is a road roller and how does in cause compaction?

A road roller uses its weight to compact the road stone and asphalt surface that is being laid. The first layer in road construction is compacted using a roller with a padfoot drum. Padfoot drums have a higher compaction density due to a smaller surface area. After this stage a smooth drum is then used to compact the asphalt surface until it is completely smooth. A motor grader will then be used in to ensure a level surface.

Once the road base is compacted, the smooth single drum compactor is no longer used on the road surface. The final wear course of asphalt concrete is laid using a paver and compacted using a tandem smooth drum roller.

Below are two featured road rollers. You can get more information on road laying in our article how to build a road, alternatively you can contact us.

Caterpillar CS7 6XT Road Roller 

Single drum roller, 17 ton.

Dynapac CA512D Road Roller

Single drum roller, anti-spin system, hydraulic check point.

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