Rwanda to maximize water and sanitation investments

8 February 2017

The government of Rwanda has received US $2.1 million in grant from the African Water Facility to support the development of a 25 year national water and sanitation to guide the achievement of water supply and sanitation.

The plan is supposed to guide through the identification of effective water supply and sanitation projects.

The grant is also expected to go into building various stakeholders’ capacities in the planning, designing, financing and implementation in the management of water and sanitation projects and infrastructure.

The project is expected to benefit the people of Rwanda by providing improved water supply and sanitation services.

The 25 year master plan has set 2030 as the targeted time frame to achieve the universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water as well as adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene.

Although Rwanda has made significant moves in the past towards increasing access to improved water and sanitation services, the rate of increase is still not sufficient enough to achieve the country’s 2020 targets.

The development project plans to guide 100% achievement to the access of water supply and identification of effective and efficient water supply and sanitation projects.

This in turn will help Rwanda in maximizing its effectiveness and efficiency for future investments in water supply and sanitation so as to attract additional funding for these types of investments.

The projects is expected to take a 24 month duration whose main outputs are; a 10-year investment plan, Integrated National Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plans agreed by all stakeholders, an approved list of prioritised integrated WatSan projects and improved capacities among stakeholders.

This news comes as a breath of relief for Rwanda being among the African countries currently faced with the water crisis. The implementation of this plan will ensure that the republic of Rwanda has a secure and safe water system for coming generations.

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