Sarah Sweeney-Marshall | Head of Business Development

17 May 2024

Meet the Team…

Sarah Sweeney-Marshall - Head of Business Development 👋 

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Sarah Sweeney-Marshall, who has joined us as the Head of Business Development. With a rich background in business growth and strategic planning, Sarah is poised to drive our company's expansion and innovation efforts.

A Track Record of Success

Sarah brings many years of experience in business development, having worked with top-tier companies. Her impressive portfolio includes successful projects in market expansion, client acquisition, and revenue growth. Sarah's expertise in identifying and capitalizing on emerging market opportunities has consistently resulted in significant business growth and competitive advantage.

Vision for the Future

In her new role, Sarah will spearhead our efforts to explore new markets, forge strategic partnerships, and enhance our service offerings. Her vision aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and customer-centric growth. She plans to implement cutting-edge strategies that will not only expand our market reach but also deepen our relationships with existing clients.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives

Under Sarah's leadership, our business development strategy will focus on:

  • Market Research and Analysis: Leveraging data-driven insights to identify and penetrate high-potential markets.
  • Client Relationships: Building and nurturing long-term relationships with clients to understand their needs and deliver tailored solutions.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forming alliances with key industry players to enhance our service capabilities and market presence.
  • Innovation: Continuously seeking innovative approaches to meet evolving market demands and stay ahead of industry trends.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this new chapter with Sarah, we are confident that her leadership will bring fresh perspectives and energize our growth initiatives. Please join us in welcoming her to the Sigma family.

Contact us!

T: +44 (0) 1642 206100


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