The Cairo Tower

10 December 2015

The Cairo Tower which is located in Cairo, Egypt is the tallest structure in Egypt and North Africa and has been for around 50 years. It was also the tallest structure in the whole of Africa for 10 years until the Hillbrow Tower in South Africa was constructed in 1971. The Cairo Tower is often considered Egypt second most famous landmarks after the Pyramid of Giza. The structure stands next to the River Nile. The total height of the building including the spire is 187 metres (614 ft) and has a total of 90 floors.

The building was designed by the architect Naoum Shebib and started construction in 1954 and was finished in 1961.  The buildings partially opened lattice-work design is intended to give the structure a ‘pharaonic lotus plant’ which is an iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt. The observation deck gives people a great view over Cairo and one rotation takes around 70 minutes. The total cost of the building was $6,000,000 billion. The Cairo Tower is used for visitor attraction, observations, restaurants and communications.

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